What is the best way to make money online without much effort?

      The best ways to make money online always get people's attention. But how is it to make money without much effort? I had been on making money online for many years and I will show you some ways to make money online, you can choose what ways are suitable for you and follow it.

       The simple way is Paid to Click Website, you can see a lot of people promoting Neobux, Onbux or something related to it. Can it can make money? It is yes and no. It can make money if you do it every day and you have a lot of referrals. At the beginning, I used to in PTC programs and research a lot about it, even invest some dollars to rent referrals. But it did not work, I can say this if you are normal person as me. And if it works, it requires a lot of referral with this effort you can make a lot of money by trying other ways. But many new beginners want to make money and they join to these programs, after few weeks or few months, they make .... $2 or $5, with this money it cannot solve anything, you just waste your time. You think that you have time, but with your time if you go out to work or find a better work online, you can make your time worth more than that.
       The others way is to get paid to type website. It can help you make hundreds of dollars a month to do simple things. With get paid to type, you spend more time at their website to contribute, you will make more money. You just do some simple things and get some extra money. This is a lot of work, it is like to get paid on a  survey, the companies want to have the customer habit, they offer some survey with good money in order to get feed backs from people. Another type is get paid to answer, you make money by answering with your knowledge, get paid to chat or writing are get paid to type also. It sounds easy, but if you want make more money to fulfill your bills, it may not fit with your requirement.   

           Freelance jobs can be good ways to make full income. There are lots of freelance websites. These sites can help you make thousands per month, you may work hard as your office works. And you can control your time, you do not need to go to your office and come back home. You can work every where, every time.How to make money with freelance jobs? First you must have your skills, there are a lot of online works, it is almost same with offline works, and it can be writing, web designing, engineering works or telecommuting and  transcription. But before to applying to a job, you must have a good skill at that field, hard working and on time, after that you can apply the job and get your works. Where you can find your job? You can look at Odesk.com, freelance.com or wahm,com/forum. There are a lot of works there waiting for you. It can help you make extra money with your effort.

           Another ways with good income is Internet marketing. Many people make full income from it. It is not hard, but you need to LEARN and EXERCISE. Why I focus on LEARN and EXERCISE, because if you do not learn from others, it may take a lot of time to research to find ways. Why will you invent something? You can learn it easily from others.You can save a lot of time and learn from their mistakes. There are a lot of e-courses, blue prints, you can get it easily. But you must be aware with promises about make money online. Because each people have different habits, skills, so it cannot be applied to all people, some people suit with Internet Marketing and others don't. Do You Want To Make Money From Internet Marketing? If you answer is YES, you can read more at next paragraph.
      You must exercise and after reading the e-course, you may say it is so complicated, it is too much work for me. You will not successful if you do not exercise. Many people fail because they think that buying an e-course can help them make money. No, it is a total wrong. Many millionaires create best sellers with million copies. Do people who buy their books always make money? YES, people learn and make money after reading their books, but this is not all. WHY? Because after reading, they forget or say to themselves that they will do when they have time. IF you do not want to be like them, you must make your own plan and start working. When you are studying in college, you are a normal person and you cannot solve the hard math by only reading theory, you must exercise, the first time may wrong, but the second or third time you can be successful. And you will learn from your mistake to make it better. Internet Marketing is a good way to make money online without much effort when you have everything set up and working. It is not hard as some people think, it is easy, when you get a first sale with Internet Marketing, you know how to convert to sales, you may need to invest in order to make more sales. At the beginning, I join to a lot of Internet Marketing programs, I make money with blogging, joining to Google AdSense, Chitaka, Bidvertiser, with affiliate programs I also got in with CJ, Amazon, LinkShare. I spent a lot of time promoting a lot of products, and it was not working. But I did not give up, I focus on three fields and I saw my income was increasing. You can learn from my mistake, you must not stop and jump to another boat; you must make a good income at one stream then you can focus to another chances. If you WANT you can DO it.
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